Green Funerals

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Embracing Environmentally Friendly Funeral Services

At our funeral home, we take pride in offering environmentally friendly burial and cremation services. We are honored to be the sole funeral home in central Wisconsin certified by the Green Burial Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability within the funeral service industry. Within the framework of a green funeral, we provide various options, including home wakes, public visitations, church funerals, and graveside services, allowing you to choose what aligns best with your preferences and values.

Eco-Conscious Caskets and Urns

In our commitment to eco-friendliness, we exclusively provide caskets and urns that are 100% biodegradable. These environmentally sound choices are entirely free of plastic or metal components and are devoid of any stains, varnishes, oils, or animal-based materials. We use only biodegradable, non-toxic glue in their construction. Furthermore, the wood utilized for crafting these caskets and urns is sourced from sustainable, local forests. Our selection encompasses a diverse range of eco-friendly caskets and urns to suit your needs.

Thoughtful Preparation

For those seeking alternative preparation methods aligned with green funerals, our funeral home offers alternatives to conventional embalming. These methods include refrigeration, the use of topical oils and sprays, and embalming with essential oils. Additionally, our choice of cremation containers is designed to have minimal environmental impact. We are here to provide you with compassionate, sustainable options that respect both your loved one and the planet.

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