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We are pet lovers ourselves and know how difficult losing a pet can be. We will be with you every step of the way and will treat your pet with the compassion and dignity they deserve.

Because your pet is a family member and your property, you have the right to decide what happens to them.Let your vet clinic or pet hospital know that you wish to use Pets Honored Pet Cremation Service.

Why Pets Honored?

Dealing with the death of a family pet is difficult enough without the added concern of: My family pet died at home, now what do I do? My pet needs to be euthanized, what are my options? What assurance do I really have that only my pet's ashes are returned? Over the years, your faithful companion has become an important member of your family, with their unique personality and unconditional love. When facing the loss of a pet, a family typically experiences the same sense of loss as it would for the "human" members of the family.

Many families mistakenly assume they have to use the company of their veterinarians choosing for cremation. This is not the case. Many families want to have their pet picked up sooner/ cremated properly/ not stored for days in plastic bags and piled in a deep freezer and want to know they are receiving only their pets ashes in return. If you have any questions please call or email us to confirm you wish to use Pets Honored Pet Cremation Center to care for your beloved pet.
Thank you for choosing us to take care of your pet during this difficult time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are available 24/7.

Our Family Serving Yours

Pets Honored is family owned and operated by pet people and we are passionate about providing the best care possible.

Pricing Information

Private Pet Cremation:
Large Pet - $225
Small Pet - $200
Private Pet Cremation is done one at a time and your pet is placed in the chamber private and alone. Your pet's ashes are usually available within 1-2 business days, not 10 days to 2 weeks like other places. Our pet cremation service is for those who wish to have the cremated ashes of only their pet returned to them.

The cost for this type of cremation includes the following:
• Wooden urn
• Free transfer of pet from local vet clinic/pet hospital (Wood, Portage, Marathon, Adams County)
• Crematory fee
• Ink paw print and/or fur clipping when applicable

Pickup/return to Local Vet Clinic/Pet Hospital – $0
Pick up from residence:
• 30 mile radius – $50
• 65 mile radius – $70
• Personal return of ashes to home (30 mile radius) – $40.00
• Personal return of ashes to home (65 mile radius) – $60.00
• Bring pet in or pick up ashes – $0

Private Cremation of pocket pets – $100.00

We also offer pet cremation option for families that have smaller size pocket pets (Hamster, mice, rats, bird, goldfish).

**We contract with several local area veterinarians to perform pet cremations for their clients. If paying through your vet, options and pricing may differ from those listed above.**

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